When You Are in the Process of an Appeal Bail in Glens Falls, NY

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When a person is arrested, booked, and needs money to stay out of jail until the court hearing, bail bonds agencies usually will offer to pay the bail for a fee. However, there are other scenarios where a person might need bail, and that is for an appeal after a conviction. A bail bonds agency can help a defendant with an appeal bail in Glens Falls NY, if necessary. Here is a look at what defendants need to know about the bail process during an appeal.

Understanding the Bail Process after an Appeal

A defendant’s rights to be presumed innocence has disappeared after a conviction and sentencing, but the convicted person may still be able to get bail to appeal the conviction or the severity of the sentencing. Decisions on whether the individual can get bail for the appellate process stem from factors, such as if the convicted person is determined to be a flight risk, the person’s ties to the community, and the severity of the crime. The judge may elect to not allow the convicted person to get released on bail if there is uncertainty about the possibility of the individual leaving to avoid the sentence.

Getting the Appeal

If a judge decides to approve the bail, the convicted individual can work with bail bonds agencies who will have similar procedures as when the person was released until the time of the court hearing. Fees are non-refundable, and the individual will still likely have to provide collateral, just as before. If the convicted individual does a no-show on the appeal process, the collateral provided may be held, and the individual will probably go to serve out the sentence.

A Bail Bonds Agency for Appeal Bail

Convicted individuals or their families can apply for bail to work on getting their affairs in order before going to prison, or to try to get the decision reversed. Business¬†Name is a bail bonds company that offers services to customers who need to get free to work on final attempts for their conviction or sentencing. If a person is trying to get an Appeal Bail in Glens Falls NY, the agency is available. The team members invite interested parties to “contact us for consultation“.