A Bail Bondsman in Livingston Parish Helps Secure a Loved One’s Release

by | May 13, 2021 | Bail Bonds Service

A relative or close friend is commonly the one tasked with contacting a bail bondsman in Livingston Parish after a loved one is arrested. Sometimes this individual applies for the bond and pays the service fee, or co-signs the application. Many agencies are willing to set up an installment plan for the full fee, which typically is 10 percent of the cash bail.

Often, it is reasonable for someone other than the defendant to approach a bail bondsman in Livingston Parish. While in jail, it may not be easy to fill out an application or pay for the service. The defendant’s spouse, parents, siblings, or best friend may be eager to help their loved one be released. Especially if the defendant has never been in legal trouble before, the risk of flight or misbehavior is low.

Accepting Responsibility

The applicant and the bonding service now essentially hold responsibility for the defendant’s behavior after release. The court will revoke the privilege of freedom before trial if the defendant flees or gets into additional legal trouble.

Fee Repayment

In some instances, the defendant does not have enough cash to immediately pay the other person for the service fee upon release. The two must work out an acceptable arrangement for repayment if the applicant wants that money back. Spouses usually share their money, so repayment may be unnecessary in this case.

Getting Started

If this level of trust in the defendant does not seem misguided, a loved one may contact a bail bonding service for assistance. A certain level of creditworthiness may be required if the service fee will be paid in installments. More information is available at https://aaffordabail.com/.