What to Expect When You Need Notary Services in Athens, Texas

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Most documents simply need to be signed and they can be turned in. However, in some cases, when it’s crucial to ensure the person signing is the correct person, the documents must be signed in front of a notary. For those who have not taken advantage of notary services in Athens Texas before, below is what can be expected.

Bring Everything Necessary

The document that needs to be signed should already be filled out, if required, but there should not be any signatures on it before meeting with the notary. The person will also need to bring official identification like their passport or driver’s license. If they are unsure of what identification will be accepted, they should contact the notary ahead of time. This way, once they are there, they can have the document notarized without issue.

Make Sure Everyone is There

If the document requires signatures from two or more people, everyone needs to be there at the same time. It may be a good idea in these cases to set up an appointment ahead of time so everyone can make it at the same time. Even if everyone that needs to sign can do it separately, making sure everyone is there means only one fee will need to be paid, saving everyone money.

Sign and Pay the Fee

The notary will check the identification of everyone who needs to sign, then the document will be signed. The notary then stamps and signs the document, which is proof that the document was notarized. This is all done quickly and, in most cases, won’t take more than a few minutes. Once it’s done, the person will need to pay the notary’s fee for the service.

If you need to have a document notarized, going through the Notary Services in Athens Texas is simple and will mean you can get it done quickly. Make sure you’re prepared using the information above so everything will be as fast as possible. Visit the website to learn more about the services offered or set up a time to meet with a notary to sign your documents.