What Happens When Cash Bail in Colonie, NY Is Impossible to Pay?

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

Sometimes a good person breaks the law and gets caught, and finds themselves in big trouble. Being arrested and held in jail can be quite scary, especially for those who have never been in legal trouble before. Paying cash bail in Colonie, NY may be impossible, but their relatives or a close friend may be able to pay the service fee for a surety bond so this person can be released.

Payment Possibilities

People without a lot of money may scramble to get a loved one out of jail. They may need to take out a loan, or they may be able to pay a bonding agency with a credit card. Installment plans could be another option as well.

Finding a Co-Signer

In some instances, a co-signer for the bond application will be necessary. This is often the case when the defendant and those trying to help are young adults who haven’t been in the workforce very long. They must realize that this alternative to cash bail in Colonie, NY puts the agency at risk of losing a substantial amount of money if the defendant runs away. The court then demands the full amount of cash from the agency since the bond was intended to guarantee the defendant’s compliance.

College and Technical School Students

Sometimes the defendant hasn’t even worked a permanent full-time job yet. This may be a student in college or a technical school program. These young adults occasionally break the law when they think they are simply having fun, only to find themselves behind bars. Being caught with cocaine for personal use leads to drug charges. Joyriding in a car results in charge of grand theft auto.

Parents Helping Out

The parents of these young people can handle the bail bond application process with an organization such as Business Name. Usually they feel frustrated about the behavior of their son or daughter, but they still want to get this person out of jail as soon as possible. Visit website to learn more about the bail bonds process.