What to Know about Getting a Jail Surety Bond in Tyler, TX

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

When people are arrested and taken to the police station to be placed in jail, they do not necessarily have to spend the night in jail. If a judge releases them on a bond, people can go free until the trial if they have the money, or they can talk to a bail bond agency. A bail bond agency that offers a Jail Surety Bond in Tyler TX wants potential clients to understand the bail bond process in Texas. Here is a look at the process in Texas.

The Bail Bond Process in Texas

The bail bond process doesn’t come into play unless a judge requires a defendant to come up with the money, and the defendant doesn’t have it. When the defendant doesn’t have the money, a bail bond agency will offer to put up the bond for the defendant for a fee, which is usually 10 percent of the total bail. In addition, the bail bond agency may require the defendant to have collateral, such as real estate, an automobile, expensive jewelry, or stocks.

More about the Bail Bond Process in Texas

As long as the defendant shows up to all the court proceedings as scheduled, the collateral is protected, but if the defendant skips bail, the collateral will be in danger. The bail bond agency will usually hire an agent to find the defendant who will then return to jail, and the process will start all over again to try to post bail. Skipping bail will not look favorable for the defendant in court and may actually cause the defendant to get a harsher sentence if found guilty of whatever the charges are.

A Bail Bond Agency in Tyler, Texas

Defendants who live in Tyler, Texas or nearby can find many bail bond agencies by looking through the Yellow Pages in the area. Strike Three Bonds is a bail bond agency that offers services to individuals in Tyler, Texas, and the surrounding areas. If a person needs a Jail Surety Bond in Tyler TX, the bail bond agency is available. More information about the agency can be found on the website, Sitename. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.