What Should Defendants Know About Hiring a Bail Bondsmen Service in Shelton, CT?

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

An arrest can produce a great deal of stress for individuals, especially when someone is arrested for the first time. The unknown is what brings on a lot of fear. Most people want to get back home to their normal lives as soon as possible. To get out of jail quickly, individuals need to seek a bail bondsmen service in Shelton, CT. With these services, individuals can get out of jail in less than twenty-four hours and be back home with those they love.

What Should Individuals Know?

Those who have never used a bail bondsmen service in Shelton, CT may not be aware of what to expect. Knowing what to expect will set a person’s mind at ease and prepare them for the process.

  • The first step involves gathering information on the defendant. The bondsman will need to know the inmate’s number, the facility they are being held in, and the bail amount. Having this information available will allow the bondsman to provide the greatest level of help.
  • A fee will need to be paid for the services of the bondsman, which is typically around ten percent, but it can vary. The state regulates these fees, and it is not refunded to the guarantor.
  • The bondsman is typically able to get the person out of jail within hours, depending on the circumstances. Most bondsmen work 24/7 on call. They are even available on holidays and weekends to serve their customers.
  • It is important to note that individuals need to be sure they know the character of the individual they are signing for. As the guarantor, they will be held responsible if the defendant does not show up for their court dates. Failure to show could result in a bench warrant and additional fees for the guarantor.

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