How to Get a Bond from a Bail Bondsman in Glens Falls, NY

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In New York, bail bonds are a more economically sound way of getting out of the county jail. The criminal defendants secure the bonds by paying a bail bondsman a specific fee. A bail bondsman in Glens Falls, NY can help criminal defendants who need to purchase a bail bond and explain the terms of the bond to them.

Locating the Right Criminal Defendant

Bail bondsmen need explicit information about a criminal defendant before processing any bail bonds. The full legal name of the defendant with any applicable suffix must be provided to the agent. Next, the bondsman needs the booking number assigned to the defendant by the correctional officers. The defendant’s date of birth and Social Security number are also helpful in locating the right individual.

Paying the Exact Price

The agents calculate the exact price of the bail bond according to the fee they charge. The fees for bail bonds range between ten and fourteen percent of the bail. Once the price is determined, the defendant’s representative provides cash, check, or credit card payment to the agent directly.

Using Collateral When Possible

Collateral used for the bail bond includes, but is not limited to, real estate, automobiles, and jewelry. Other valuables, such as fine art that have an appraised value that is higher than the bail are acceptable as well. The representative or the criminal defendant must have proof of ownership to use the asset as collateral.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using a Bail Bond?

Yes, if the defendant doesn’t follow all terms of their release, the bail bond is forfeited or revoked. The defendant or their representative won’t receive a refund of any money invested into the bond. Collateral is often seized if the defendant fails to appear in court.

In New York, bail bonds are issued by bonding agents that work closely with county jails and court systems. The agents provide the bonds after payment is made, or collateral is secured by the bondsman. The bonding agents might offer additional services for defendants, including transportation to court. Criminal defendants who need a bail bondsman in Glens Falls, NY can find the best solutions right now.