Common Questions To Ask A Bail Bonds Company In Norwalk, CT

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Misdemeanor Bonds

In Connecticut, bail bondsmen address questions and concerns for criminal defendants and their families. The defendants have the option to secure a bail bond if their bail is too high for them to pay. Instead, they can pay a percent and use a bail bond to get released. A bail bonds company in Norwalk CT can answer common questions related to bail bonds.

Is There a Minimum Payment for Bail Bonds?

No, the law doesn’t present a minimum payment for securing a bail bond. However, the value of each bail bond will vary according to the bail value set by the judge. The percentage paid by the defendant or their representative depends on the jurisdiction and all applicable laws.

Are Weekend Releases Possible?

It depends on the availability of a criminal court judge. Bail bondsmen establish connections with criminal court judges through the daily operations of their business. For this reason, it is possible for a bail bondsman to contact a judge and obtain the necessary signature on the release documents. However, if a criminal court judge isn’t available, the defendant isn’t released until the following Monday.

What Happens if the Defendant is Arrested Again?

If the new criminal charges aren’t linked to the original offense, it is still possible for the individual to acquire a new bail bond. However, if they violate the terms of their release by leaving the state without permission, the judge may view them as a flight risk. Any defendant that is classified as a flight risk is ineligible for a new bail bond.

Can the Defendant Pay for a Bond from Jail?

If the defendant has their financial information, it is possible for them to provide payment from the county jail. The bail bondsmen will process the payment by phone, and the bail bond is provided for their release.

In Connecticut, bail bondsmen provide a service for criminal defendants that are eligible for bail. They offer bail bonds at a percentage of the total bail value assigned by the judge. Criminal defendants who need help from a Bail Bonds Company in Norwalk CT are encouraged to visit us for further information right now.

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