The Fastest, Cheapest Way Out of Jail: 24 Hour Bail Bonds Oklahoma City OK

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

The availability of 24-hour bail bonds in Oklahoma City, OK, makes it easy and quick for defendants, their families or friends to post bond. Arrests at all hours of the day and night are a reality, so it’s tremendously relieving to know that one can solicit an experienced bond agent around the clock and post a bail bond at any hour.

Free & Back at Home in Record Time

Experienced, local bond agencies offer 24-hour access via email and telephone. There is always a savvy, efficient agent on hand to field questions from individuals new to the bail bond process. Consultations may even include a free warrant check or detailed advice on negotiating the processes of jail, bond and court.

Questions about cost and time frames are the most common. The bail bond cost is a nonrefundable premium that equals about 10 to 15 percent of the bail amount in full. There may also be minor court filing fees in addition. The fractional cost of a bond compared to that of full bail means that even financially challenged defendants can get out of jail after paying the least amount of bail possible.

What Exactly is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond isn’t actual currency or the full bail amount. It’s a legally binding promissory note that holds the agent responsible for full payment of bail should the defendant flee before trial proceedings. Acceptable forms of payment for the bond include cash, of course, but may also include checks, credit cards, valuable possessions (guns, cars) or a payment plan.

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