A Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma Helps Defendants Prevent Their Lives from Unraveling

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

When people charged with criminal offenses stay in jail before trial, they are significantly more likely to be convicted of the charges and they are twice as likely to receive a prison sentence. A bail bondsman in Oklahoma helps defendants who cannot afford cash bail.

Possible Factors for Negative Consequences

There is a range of possible factors as to why being held in jail is connected with negative consequences at trial. One is that the defendants are unable to work on their defense effectively with a lawyer. Another is that juries may be biased against a defendant who has spent several weeks or months behind bars. There is also another factor that must be considered, which is that some defendants are not allowed out on bail because the judge viewed them as a danger to society. Their probability of actual guilt for having committed a violent crime is high.

About the Bail Bonds Process

A local, licensed bondsman in Oklahoma can be trusted to post bond for a qualified customer quickly at any time of day or night. Nearly always, the customer is not the defendant but someone acting on their behalf. The defendant must have been assigned a cash bail amount, and the customer must also prove a certain level of responsibility to qualify.

Not everyone can obtain a bail bond. Some states do not have these agencies. Some defendants, as well as their families and friends, cannot even come up with the service fee for the bond because they live in poverty. There will also be applicants who do not qualify. Both the applicant and the defendant may not have a stable income history, for example, or they may have prior criminal records.

Helping Defendants Regain Freedom

Cash bail is not affordable for a large number of people who have been arrested. Some half a million U.S. residents wait in jail before trial. Agencies like A Absolute Bail Bonds do what they can to help defendants regain their freedom so they can return to their families and jobs. Without that opportunity, lives can quickly be ruined.