A Bail Bond Agency in Bartow Helps Clients Regain Their Freedom Before Trial

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Defendants now will be freed on their own recognizance before trial or denied the opportunity to leave jail. Until then, defendants who cannot afford cash bail may contact bail bond agency in Bartow for assistance.

Bail Reform Advocates

Throughout the nation, bail reform advocates have been hoping for a change to the current system since it is unfair to low-income individuals. Yet this particular change has left those advocates dissatisfied. They worry that more defendants will be denied their freedom before trial with this type of modification. Bail is intended to guarantee the defendant will appear for all court dates, since the money is eventually refunded if he or she does so. Judges may be more concerned with defendants being flight risks if they do not pay any bail.

Other Possibilities

However, some jurisdictions across the country have ended cash bail and use specific equations to determine which defendants are most likely to flee or be a danger to the community. Only those individuals must stay in jail until their case ends. It may be possible to build a broader electronic monitoring program so defendants could go out on work release or be confined to their home.

The Function of Bail Bonds

An organization like Zona Long Bails Bonds Bartow has functioned to help defendants obtain their release by paying a fee for a surety bond. Since these individuals have not been convicted of the crime for which they are accused, the agents want to help them maintain their right to freedom. As far back as 1964, Robert F. Kennedy expressed concern about the injustice of cash bail while he was Attorney General.

People who cannot come up with $2,000 or $20,000 in bail may have a much easier time putting together the 10-percent fee for a bail bond agency in Bartow. Some states do not have bail bond agencies. Statistics are startling as to how many individuals must stay in jail because they do not have $2,000 available.