Theft Bail Bonds in Bartow Are Available for Various Types of Charges Involving Stealing

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Some charges of theft are misdemeanors in Florida and others are felonies. Florida has a relatively low amount designated for grand theft, which is a felony. That amount is $300 or more in money or goods. Because robbery includes the use of force, that charge also is a felony. Theft Bail Bonds in Bartow are available for individuals who have been arrested for activity involving stealing.

Robbery, Burglary and Shoplifting

Robbery includes the threat of force in the attempt to steal money or items, even if no force actually occurs. Burglary focuses on breaking and entering, even if a building or vehicle was not locked. The person was not welcome to enter. In many states, shoplifting $300 worth of products is considered petty theft. Florida is much stricter about the amount required to constitute grand theft, which commonly is $1,000 or $1,500 in other states.

Car Theft

Stealing a car becomes a more serious charge when the person uses force to take the vehicle away from the owner or violently takes control of it. Then the act is considered carjacking.

Degrees of Grand Theft

Grand theft in Florida can be a first, second or third degree charge. Third degree charges are by far the most frequent, including the theft of money or items valued at less than $20,000.

Bail Bonds

Theft Bail Bonds in Bartow are available for people charged with any of these types of crimes. The client pays a nonrefundable fee that is a percentage of the bail amount set by the court. This is an option for people who do not have enough money for cash bail and do not have friends or relatives who could make that payment. Although the full amount is sent back when the case is over, not everyone has the money or feels comfortable parting with such a large amount for several weeks or months.

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