Investigating the Legitimacy of Bail Bondsmen in Williamson County, TX.

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

People in Williamson County, Texas often ask themselves, “Where is a good provider of bail bond services near me?” Because bail bondsmen candidates must be licensed by the Lone Star State, stay within state guidelines at the risk of felony criminal charges, and the industry is regulated, identifying legitimate bail bondsmen is routinely able to accurately be done.

Legitimate Contenders Have Licenses

Bail bonding professionals’ licenses must be renewed every two years. Also, in order to be considered for renewal, candidates must take eight hours’ worth of relevant continuing education courses and pay $500 to the state. Candidates also need proof of having worked under a licensed Texan bail bondsman for at least one year at the rate of 30 hours per week or better.

They Also Can’t Initially Solicit Potential Customers

Legal guidelines prevent bail bonding agents from initially reaching out to people thought to be interested in their services. It’s easy for people to observe recent arrests, call their family members, and manipulate their emotions to sell bail bonds. That’s why this strategy is illegal.

Long Working Histories and Good Reviews

Bond agencies that have been operating for at least a few years are more likely to be legitimate. Ideally, they should also have at least a dozen legitimate positive reviews online.

This Provider Is Certainly Legitimate

Williamson County Bail Bond, represented by its official website , is a common choice for people who ask themselves, “Where’s a good bail bond service near me?”

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